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February 2003
Photo: Iain McAllister

The process of rebuilding and restoring Peggy Bawn started with her purchase by Irish yachtsman and yachting historian Hal Sisk in early 2003.

She'd been lying for some years - badly laid up and the subject of two aborted rescue attempts - in a hay barn near Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Years of neglect of her most basic needs and bad storage made it look a daunting task. As is always the case the project ended up much bigger than we'd hoped and more like we had feared.

Hal is an expert at goal setting and, it seems, in patience. We never lost sight of the goals although things took a little longer than we'd hoped. The fact that we knew exactly what she was going to be doing; that she had a planned itinerary, was quite a motivator. For the team that had been assembled for the project, launching day at Crosshaven, Co. Cork on Bloomsday - June 16th 2005 - was an emotional affair. Looking back now on a year when we have achieved so much: both in the rebuilding and restoration and then in the sailing - both cruising and racing - of such an important part of maritime history is very satisfying. And it's all been done very authentically, even down to dressing the part!

June 2005
Photo: Iain McAllister
Dressed the part
Photo: Hal Sisk
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