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G.L. Watson Book  
  Martin Black's long awaited biography of Peggy Bawn's designer, G.L. Watson, is
now available to purchase.
Colleen Class  

Carrickfergus S.C.  
  Peggy Bawn's first owner Alfred Lepper was founder Commodore of this thriving club. Asmo Marine  

Clean eMarine
  Peggy Bawn's "Thoosa" Danish electric auxiliary motor is a rare concession to modernity. Carrickfergus Sailing Club  

  The Oxfordshire based spar and oar makers supplied a new gaff, topsail yard and spare boom. Collars: The finest oars, masts and spars  

Freundeskreis Klassiche Yachting
  Project coordinator Iain McAllister introduced Peggy Bawn at the FKY Wintertreffen, 2006 followed in 2007 by owner Hal Sisk presenting "Dublin Bay, the cradle of yachting". Freundeskreis Klassiche Yachting  

Peter Martin
  One of the classics scene's most experienced riggers hand spliced her new rigging. Very sadly, Peter passed away suddenly in 2011; a huge loss to the classic yachting scene. Martins Rigging

Nigel Pert
  French based English photographer who photographed the majority of the rebuild and early sailing trials. Nigel Pert Photographer  

Ratsey & Lapthorn
  Over 200 years of experience and tradition went into making her new hand finished Dacron sails and a cotton topsail at this famous Cowes sail loft. Ratsey & Lapthorn  

G.L. Watson
  The design office G. L. Watson started in 1873 still works in the upper echelons of luxury yachting. G.L. Watson  
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